Pumped Up Kicks

Sorry for the long hiatus, but I am back and better then ever! Let’s jump right into this week’s inspiration shall we. For the past month I have been addicted to Foster The People!! I have fallen in love with their sweet sound and sinister lyrics. My favorite song of theirs by far has to be Pumped Up Kicks! Despite the fact that it was written about a school shooting, it makes me ready to start every day. It is the perfect song to wake up to. So this week I thought I would give you my own pumped up look. Here’s the song to wake you up a bit!

remixed 90's hip hop

I LOVE a flashy pair of sneakers! They always add just a little more oomph to your look, puts an extra bounce in your step. When I started styling this look I knew that I wanted it to have that 90’s hip hop street flair but brought into 2012. Colored Jeans are a really hot trend right now, one that I totally stand behind. I am actually wearing a pair of teal jeans at this moment! I know that some of the colors are pretty intimidating but it’s a lot easier to pull off than it seems. I suggest starting with a pair of Cobalt blue, or even white denim to begin with. Keeping with the hip hop theme, throw on an over-sized graphic tank (extra points if you DIY it with one of your old T-Shirts.) A bandeau top is the perfect way to add an extra pop of color under any over-sized tank or Tee. Now I know that bandeaus are difficult, especially for us ladies who need the extra support, so instead use a bikini top. It gives more support and the same pop of color.
Don’t forget to throw on your gold hoops, bangles up to your neck, and your own personalized necklace for some ghetto fab flair! Do like Nicki Minaj, Adele, and Lady Gaga and do something CRAZY and fun to your nails! It’s all about being loud and flashy and fun! Set your Pandora to 90’s hip hop and go have some fun!
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Have a great week!!! Pump it UP!!



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Katherine 2.0

So I’m back with the next installment in my modernized Hollywood glamour series. This week is all about Katherine Hepburn! I have always loved her, her confidence, her film presence, and most of all her style. Katherine’s go to look was menswear. She was rarely seen wearing skirts and dresses. Many believe that she wore pants to prove that her talent and drive was equal to any mans. With 12 Oscar nominations under her belt, there was some point when she didn’t need the slacks anymore, but hey she rocked them so well. Now-a-days women are in just as high working positions as men, and continue to prove their determination and strength every day. When we rock the menswear trend it’s purely for fashion purposes.

katherine 2011

This is my 2011 menswear outfit. I kept the staple color scheme with white, brown and gold, but I changed it up a bit to give it a more modern vibe. Instead of pants I really wanted to use a skirt here. I don’t know if you could tell by my previous posts but I adore maxi skirts!! I think they are ridiculously easy to wear and leave so much room to be creative with accessories. I paired the skirt with a looser fitting button down to be tucked in or tied at the waist. I love the fringe detail of the bag it’s the perfect fall accessory. I wanted the jewelry to be minimalistic but to have some flair which is why the pieces all have a little something different.
I hope all of you take a little advice for the great Katherine Hepburn and live your life the way you want to, not the way you’re told to. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog, follow me on twitter, and send me your loving comments. They all mean so much to me! Until next week!!
Have a great week!!!

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Neon & Neutrals

Hey guys!! Sorry I have been MIA for the past few weeks. It has been so hard to get focused with all the summer fun to be had. I hope everyone has been enjoying their summer and the fun fashion that comes with it! A few weeks ago I got to go to the new Tim Burton exhibit at LACMA. What an experience! The exhibit is a collection of Tim Burton’s own personal sketches and movie memorabilia. It was so much fun to get a glimpse inside his mind and enjoy the magic. There was one room that was covered in black fabric with fluorescent images painted all around. It was lit by a black-light which made the drawings glow and almost dance around you. That was by far my favorite part.


I have wanted to do a neon look for a while so it worked out perfectly. I love the neon trend for summer! It’s so much fun and has so much personality. It’s important to not go over the top with color and to balance the look up with neutral colors. Skinny cargo pants are an amazing staple; they work all year round and are a perfect alternative to a pair of jeans. I like that the fringe on the shirt and the chains from the necklace give the look a more tribal vibe but you could easily add a ripped jean jacket for a more punky look, or a blazer for a more conservative look.
Thanks to everyone who keeps coming back to check out the blog week after week it means so much to me! Don’t worry I am back for good with plenty of inspiration stored up! Check back on Monday for the next installment of the modern leading ladies and then next Thursday for more inspired looks. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog and follow me on twitter at @ajademax88.
Have a great week!!!

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Father’s Day

This Sunday is father’s day (yes your welcome for the reminder haha!). It’s an important day; I don’t think that all of our dads really know that we love them. So we do something special like make their coffee, or take them to a movie, give them a pair of tickets to watch their favorite team play, little things to show our appreciation. I love my dad, he has given me some amazing gifts; my straight(ish) hair, my colored eyes, a love of old film noir, and an understanding that steak should be medium rare and beer should be cold. Now as much as I love my dad, he isn’t the most stylish man. He could be but his idea of shopping is picking up a new pair of jeans at Costco. Yes Costco jeans are cheap and good quality but there is something wrong about getting your pants where you buy your toilet paper in bulk. So dad for father’s day I have come up with a classy casual look for you to try out.

fathers day

This look is super simple!! Button down shirt, v-neck sweater, khaki pants, brown leather. Every piece compliments each other without being too loud. The best part is dad that it was all taken from Bloomingdales, one-stop shop! Throw on a tie and a jacket and you could wear it to work as well.
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Have a great week!!! Love you dad!!!


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Goodbye Chuck

For the past 8 years my every day, go to shoes have been my converse. They were just your average black low top all stars but they were special to me. Chucks start looking better the more worn in they get all the rips and holes give them a sense of character. Mine were no different, every tear was a memory, and you could still see remnants of where my friends and I had written our inside jokes, where I had spilled every food I had ever eaten. Those shoes were basically a scrapbook of my life. Unfortunately I wore down the rubber on the bottoms and was slipping and sliding everywhere. I did the only thing I could do, I put them in a special box in my closet and went out and bought a pair of vans. And let me tell you, they have big shoes to fill. I wanted to give my buddies a proper send off, so in honor of my fallen comrades, here is a converse inspired outfit.

The number one thing that I love about fashion is that it is the easiest and most effective way to show the world who you are. The inspiration and opportunity is limitless. Now this look is me 100%. Good girl gone bad. I absolutely love to punk up my dresses and skirts with a pair of boots or a leather jacket. The key is to pick a dress that is so girly, so sweet that it may cause a tooth ache. That way when you add all the black and leather it looks balanced. I kept the jewelry on the feminine side; I didn’t want the hard edge to overpower the soft side. And of course the all stars are in there!!
Now go and show your favorite shoes some love, they work a hard job. Don’t forget to subscribe for automatic updates, add me on twitter at @ajademax88. Have a great weekend all!!! Quick shout out to all my friends and everyone graduating this week or who have already finished school CONGRADULATIONS!!!!!! I am so very proud of everyone!!!!
Have a great week!!!

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Modern Marilyn

Hello all!! Happy Monday, I hope your all ready for some inspiration!! Today is a big day. It’s the first day of my new style series. I’m gonna be coming out every Monday with a look that the old Hollywood starlets would rock today. The idea came to me at Venice beach with my friends last week. We found an artist who was making photo shopped work using Marilyn Monroe. He had turned her face into a day of the dead skull, given her face bandannas, guns and plenty of tattoos. It got me thinking about what she, and all the other wonderful Hollywood actress would be wearing if they were alive today. I am so excited for this new series. I had so much fun brainstorming and styling this look. I have a book of 50 of the greatest studio era actresses and I can’t wait to work my way through the book!! But today let’s start with one of my personal favorites, the incredibly glamorous and amazingly talented Marilyn Monroe.

Marilyn was always eager to show off her body. Skintight dresses, cozy sweaters and short shorts, were staples in her wardrobe. If she had been alive today she would be thrilled that sequins and glitter are not an evening only style anymore. Marilyn also knew how to wear color; she was never over the top and knew what looked good on her. The gold sparkle of the shorts mixed with the teal of the bra and shoes would be just the pop she needed. And we all know that diamonds are a girl’s best friend so we should all rock as much as we can.
Like I said I had a blast with this post and I will be back every Monday bringing you some old Hollywood glamour. Let me know what you think in the comments, subscribe to the blog, and follow me on twitter at @ajademax88. See you on Thursday!
Have a great day!!! Be wonderful!!!


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Lady J

I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend! I had a blast. I got to spend the weekend with a bunch of good friends who live in San Diego. They all came up for the weekend and we got to spend some much needed girl time together! My friend Lady J asked if I could help her out with some summer outfit ideas and I was super excited to style a couple looks. She thinks that she wears too much floral prints and nude colors. Now personally I don’t think there is such thing as too much floral, it is a great way to add a nice feminine touch to any outfit. But I did think up some other trends for Lady J to try out.

This first look gets you away from floral print and is a super easy way to add some color. Maxi dresses are amazing!! There are so many different styles you can create with a maxi dress but I wanted to give this one a more eclectic, summer festival, sort of a vibe. Make sure you grab a belt to break up the pattern and to define your waist (which can easily get lost in a dress like this). Layer your necklaces, bracelets, and rings. The more the merrier! Throw on your favorite shades and your ready for a casual day in the sun.

Now I know that my girls south of LA like to keep it classy so here is a simple, polished look. A really sophisticated way to bring some color into your life is to color block. Color blocking is not something to be intimidated by; all it is is an excuse to wear more color! I found this great color matching wheel from Fashion bomb daily. Its a little cheat sheet to keep us from getting too wild. Now I know Lady J was worried about too much nude so I decided white would be the perfect diffuser. Since this outfit is based on color, I wanted the accessories to be simple, but by all means you could throw on some bold statement jewelry.
I hope some of this helped! Both looks have great color and are totally summer ready. Everyone check back on Monday for the first post in my new weekly series featuring some of my favorite classic film stars. Now get on outside and enjoy the sun all of you!!!
Have a great week!! You stay classy San Diego!!

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